About Me

Robertito Inglés, also known as English Rob has been Designing the pants off stuff for ages. Before that he was an International Jewel thief, before that a Humanitarian/Cage Fighter…and before this he had never spoken about himself in the 3rd person.

Well that’s enough of that then. So yeah…I really enjoy making this stuff. Taking an idea and seeing it unfold and evolve into the finished product. I love the nervous feeling in my stomach that vanishes the second my client smiles at the grand reveal. I also really enjoy when the client has me make 3 different versions of something only to say “I think I like the original one you made”. But that’s why I do this…and they make clothes, race Nascar or present T.V. shows about Ancient Aliens while wearing brown on brown on brown suits with hair styled like Pauly D. Not mentioning any names…Giorgio A.Tsoukalos.

My name is Rob | I am a Designer | I love what I Do | & You will Too