What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also know as SEO, is the process of improving the rankings of web content in search engines like Google, BING, and YAHOO. SEO helps to describe what each page is talking about and how it becomes useful to users. Improved rankings yield higher visibility and drive more traffic to the target website.

Great SEO begins well before your website goes live. Strategically setting up a website without thinking about SEO can do more harm then good. Optimizing an existing website can be a challenge at times due to the lack of planning out your SEO keywords ahead of time. What good is having a the best looking website if it does not feature within the first few pages?

Basic SEO Process

Step 1: Keyword Research

Step 2: Competitor Analysis

Step 3: Link Building

Step 4: On-Site Optimization

The most important piece of the puzzle of Search Engine Optimization is making your website easy for both users and search engines to comprehend. Search engines have become so sophisticated that they still can not see read content the same way you and I do.

At 79pxls getting your website rank high within search engines is what we live for. We have the tools and know how and amazing staff who stay on the leading edge of the SEO world, who will assist you to create and maintain an internet presence at an affordable price. Whether you are just starting out with a website or currently have an existing website, 79pxls is here to help you hit your target goals.

Local Search Engine Marketing

79pxls also specializes in  Local Search Marketing. What is Local Search Marketing you ask? Ever search for a LOCAL restaurant, doctor, accountant, lawyer, real estate agency or any other type of business through the internet either on your computer or mobile device?

That’s a local search and with Local Search Marketing, you can have your business listed in the front of these millions of searchers!